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Snow plow RAM 250 SaMASZ Saphir for wheel loaders up to 6t

Snow plow RAM 250 SaMASZ Saphir for wheel loaders up to 6t


Single blade snow plow RAM with spring flaps and bar from Saphir SaMASZ


From the super-light to the super-heavy series: SaMASZ snow plows are used in a variety of ways on city and country roads, sidewalks and parking lots. A comprehensive range of adapters and add-on frameworks enables use on almost any carrier vehicle.

Due to the wide range of possible uses, the robust design and the many possible special equipment, SaMASZ snow plows are ideal devices for clearing snow in winter service.

Weight class: middle class ~ wheel loaders up to approx. 6 tons

PSV basic equipment : Rolled shield body • Infinitely variable hydraulic pivoting • Automatic latch (release force adjustable) • Shock valve • Leveling (only with SaMASZ frame) • Safety chains • Scraper strips ( optional ) • Electrical connection 12 V (cigarette lighter) • LED lighting 12 V or 24 V • Parking support • Edge deflector • KTL layer + powder coating

Technical specifications:

working width max./min. [cm]: 250 / 218
Transport width max./min. [cm]: 256 / 220
Share height [cm]: 75 / 85
Scraper parts : 3
Collision protection: Automatic ratchet + shear bolts as overload protection in the attachment frame
Attack angle: 30°
hydraulic tilting: up to 30°
required number of hydraulic connections: 1 x DW
Dimensions [cm] length / width / height: 106 / 258 / 107
Weight [kg]: 280

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