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Caterpillar fork lock 091-1637

Caterpillar fork lock 091-1637


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Original Caterpillar fork lock with item no. 091-1637 / 0911637.

This positioner allows hook tines to be attached and positioned on matching carriages.


  • 4 parts assembly
  • for forklift forks

Suitable for:

backhoe loader:

420D (BMC), 428C (2CR), 428D (BMT), 428D (BNS), 432D (BLD), 438D (BPE), 438D (BPN), 442D (BRG), 442D (BRY)

wheel loader:

924G (3PZ), 924G (9SW), 924G (AAN), 924G (DDA), 924G (WMB), 924H (HXC), 924H (JTM), 924K (PWR), 926M (LTE), 926M (W5L), 928G(6XR), 928G(7SR), 928G(DJD), 928G(WLG), 928HZ(BYD), 928HZ(CXK), 930G(TFW), 930H(DHC), 930H(FTD), 930K(RHN), 930M (F5K), 930M (KTG), 938K (SWL), 938M (J3R), 938M (P5K)

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