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Lehnhoff MS08 backhoe - For 8.1 to 10.0 tons - CTL10

Lehnhoff MS08 backhoe - For 8.1 to 10.0 tons - CTL10


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Original Lehnhoff backhoe CTL10 in proven premium quality with MS08 recording of 400mm width.

Additional info: for use as high. or bucket, knife 200x25mm (500 HB), base made of 400 HB steel, with ESCO tips Ultralok U20S, incl. bucket safety bottle.

NEW : ESCO flow holder

The designation CTL10 stands for the weight classes or excavator categories 8.1-10.0t. If your mini excavator has an operating weight of between 8.1-10 tons and is equipped with a Lehnhoff MS08 quick-change system, then this bucket will fit your excavator.

This is the premium version from Lehnhoff. A cheaper basic version from Lehnhoff can be found under recommendations at the end of the page.

*The image includes a spoon for the lighter weight classes and is for reference only

Features of the backhoe bucket:

Cutting width in mm: 400mm

Content SAE in m³: 0.155m³

Teeth (404F): 3

Weight (approx.) in kg: 163

Properties of the premium spoon variant

  • Good filling properties and easy emptying thanks to the LH double-conical design
  • Floor made of 400 HB steel, overhanging with protected weld seam
  • Lehborite knife 5000 (500 HB)
  • Optionally with Lehmatic or Symlock adapter
  • Incl. spoon transport strap
  • Approx. 20% less weight compared to the basic version
  • Lower fuel consumption = more economical work

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