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Caterpillar tank cap 349-7059 for construction equipment

Caterpillar tank cap 349-7059 for construction equipment


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Caterpillar tank cap 7X7700 /7X-7700 /349-7059 / 3497059 replica suitable for the following machines:

Caterpillar crawler excavator

Cat 320 (B/C/D/L), Cat 322 (B/C/D/L), Cat 323D, Cat 324D, Cat 325 (B/C/D/L), Cat 329 (B/C/D /L), Cat 330 (B/C/D/L), Cat 336D, Cat 328D, Cat 345 (B/C/D), Cat 349D, Cat 365 (B/C), Cat 385B, Cat 390D, Cat M325D, Cat 385B, Cat 385(C/CL/CL MH)

mobile excavator

Cat M312, Cat M313 (C/D), Cat M315 (C/D), Cat M316 (C/D), Cat M318 (C/D/ D MH), Cat M320 (D2), Cat M322 (C/D /D MH), Cat 325 (B/C MH), Cat M330D


Cat D3G, Cat D4G, Cat D4H, Cat D4H XL, Cat D5C, Cat D6 (M/E/F/G/H/N/R/T), Cat D5 (C/G/H/M/N), Cat D7 (G/R/H), Cat D8 (N/R), Cat D9 (R/T/N), Cat D10 (N/R/T), Cat D11 (N/R)

wheel dozer

Cat 814F, Cat 824G, Cat 834G, Cat 834H, Cat 844, Cat 844H, Cat 854 (G/K)

wheel loader

Cat 910G, Cat 936F, Cat 938 (F/G), Cat 950 (F/G), Cat 960F, Cat 962G, Cat 966 (F/G), Cat 970F, Cat 972G, 980 (F/G), Cat 988 (F/G/H), Cat 990 (H) , Cat 992 (D/G/K), Cat 994

industrial loader

Cat IT38 (F/G), Cat IT62 (G)

chain loader

Cat 933(C), Cat 939(C), Cat 963C, Cat 973C

motor grader

Cat 120 (H/ H ES/ H NA), Cat 120M, 12 (H/ H ES/ H NA), Cat 12M, Cat 135 (H/H NA), Cat 140 (H/ H ES/ H NA), Cat 140M, Cat 143H, Cat 14H NA, Cat 14M, Cat 160 (H/H ES/ H NA), Cat 160M, Cat 163H NA, Cat 16G, Cat 16H NA, Cat 16M, Cat 24M


Cat 725, Cat 730, Cat 735, Cat 740, Cat D250E, Cat D300 (D/E), Cat D350E, Cat 400E

dump truck

Cat 770, Cat 772, Cat 773 (E/F), Cat 775 (E/F), Cat 777 (D/E)


Cat 815F, Cat 816F, Cat 825G, Cat 826G, Cat 836 (G/H)

This and other Caterpillar spare parts, whether original or replica, are available in our online shop. If you have any questions or are unsure, please feel free to contact us.

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